NEWS: RoadStar “No Call” Policy – Protecting Consumers from Fraudulent Scams 

RoadStar Services Announces “No Call” Policy Protecting Consumers from Fraudulent Scams 

Independent Survey Reveals over 86% of Consumers Have Received a Car Warranty Scam Call

Conway, AR, November 13, 2019  RoadStar Services, providing a new take on extended vehicle service contracts for car owners, today announced the formalization of their no-call policy to address the dramatic rise in automobile warranty scam calls. In the past, extended automobile service offerings have conducted business via the phone while requiring a customer giving their personal info to an unknown salesperson on the other line – creating a prime opportunity for scammers to impersonate a company’s service representatives. According to a recent consumer survey conducted by First Orion, a leading mobile security company, over 86% have received some type of extended car warranty scam call, with 6% reporting experiencing a financial loss from an auto warranty scam call.

“The rapid rise in scam calls around extended automobile services is a new lucrative frontier for the criminals who once thrived on impersonating the IRS or ‘forgiving’ your student loans,” said Anders Steele, VP of Communications for RoadStar Services. “Just like the IRS, or your utility company or the Social Security Administration, at RoadStar we will never call to ask for your personal information or ever call to try to sell you anything. We fundamentally believe it’s a bad practice to expect potential customers to provide their information just to wait for a sales call that may or may not end up being a scammer on the other end trying to rip them off.” 

Details from First Orion Survey: 

  • 86% of all people surveyed have received some type of extended car service contract scam call
  • 52% do not currently have any type of warranty on their vehicle
  • Nearly 30% have received an auto warranty scam call within the past week
  • Over 1/3 reported the scam caller had specific information about them or their vehicle when they called
  • 15% disclosed personal information to the scammer (including Driver’s License and Social Security number)
  • 6% of all people reported experiencing a financial loss from an auto warranty scam call

RoadStar Services provides automobile owners with the same industry-leading vehicle service contracts trusted by millions of automobile owners for over 30 years while avoiding the hassle and risk of sharing personal information. The nationwide coverage is fully-insured and top-rated by customers as well as the Better Business Bureau. All RoadStar Services contracts feature clear and transparent upfront pricing, $0 deductible, rental car reimbursement, emergency roadside service, a 30-day money-back guarantee – and allow customers to have their vehicle serviced at their preferred auto service center. 

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